What We Do - Family Tree Recovery

What We Do

Help individuals and families recover from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Our Core Strategies

At Family Tree Recovery, we are focused on building a community of supporters and resources to help families and individuals to never feel alone. Drug and alcohol addiction impacts everyone, and we are stronger when we recover together.

Strategic Recovery Organization Partnerships

Family Tree Recovery partners with highly vetted addiction support and recovery organizations to help fund critical recovery services that make a difference for families and individuals suffering from addiction. Family Tree Recover supports smaller grassroots organizations that take a hands-on approach to addiction recovery, demonstrating a strong track record of successful recovery and financial transparency.

Learn more about our Partner Organizations.

Community Involvement & Donor Support

Family Tree Recovery raises funds to support its strategic partnerships through
individual donor and local business support.

Family Tree Recovery Days

Family Tree Recovery days are regularly scheduled days when participating businesses donate all or a portion of that day’s profits to Family Tree Recovery. Participating businesses are likely to be from industries who are disproportionately impacted by addiction and who are looking to improve conditions for their labor force.

Community Fundraisers

Family Tree Recovery uses community fundraisers to raise awareness and funding to support its strategic recovery organization partnerships.

Individual Donor Support

Family Tree Recovery welcomes donations from individual donors looking to support meaningful recovery efforts for those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Awareness & Education

Family Tree Recovery believes that education and awareness are key to removing the stigma around drug addiction and alcoholism. Substance abuse addiction can impact anyone, but often struggling families and individuals don’t know where to turn to for help, leaving them feeling hopeless and isolated. To ensure no one is alone in their path to recovery, Family Tree Recovery shares information and resources both online and locally.