Our Mission - Family Tree Recovery

Our Mission

Help individuals and families recover from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Family Tree Recovery was created as a way to support small addiction recovery organizations that are making a significant impact in their communities. These organizations often struggle to attain the funding they need to provide their mission-critical recovery services because they rely primarily on private donations and community support to stay open.

Family Tree Recovery rallies local funding and awareness through its Family Tree Recovery Days, where participating businesses donate a portion of their day’s revenue to Family Tree Recovery, which in turn, is put toward supporting highly vetted organizations offering addiction recovery services.

Addiction can be truly devastating, sometimes leaving individuals and their families homeless with few options for help and feeling like they have nowhere left to turn. By supporting recovery organizations that are willing to help those who have nowhere else to go, Family Tree Recovery hopes to ensure that no one feels hopeless or alone in their path to recovery. Family Tree Recovery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty & Transparency – Family Tree Recovery will always be honest and transparent about where and how its funds are used to support families and individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism and will hold partner organizations to the same standard.
  • Authentic & Hands-On Assistance – Family Tree Recovery partners exclusively with smaller, more hands-on organizations that take a direct approach to helping those working toward drug addiction and alcoholism recovery. These organizations must be primarily donation-driven and not charge for their support services.
  • Community & Inclusiveness – Family Tree Recovery is committed to supporting a stronger, more inclusive community. All people from all backgrounds can be impacted by drug addiction and alcoholism and no one should feel alone or excluded in their path to recovery.
  • Family Support – Individuals are not the only ones affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. Families and loved ones often struggle to find resources and support for what they are going through. Family Tree Recovery is dedicated to helping both families and individuals recover together.